Postdoc Position in Immuno-virology/Immunotherapy

Postdoc Position in Immuno-virology/Immunotherapy

Institut Pasteur

Paris, France

The Laboratory of Humoral Immunology in the Immunology department at the Institut Pasteur - Paris has one postdoctoral position opening. The lab works on exciting projects aiming at understanding the molecular and functional basis of virus-specific B-cell responses, with a focus on how antibodies may participate in controlling human viral infections.

Projects outline:

Humoral immunity is essential to host protection against human infections, and relies on the phenomenal diversity of antibody molecules sensing and inactivating pathogens. Our understanding of pathogen-specific B-cell responses has increased substantially in recent years with the advent of modern technologies permitting the fine characterization of single B-cell-derived human monoclonal antibodies. Our lab studies at a serological, cellular and molecular level, principally by generating and characterizing virus-specific antibodies, the human humoral responses to viruses i.e., HIV-1, Hepatitis E and B, as well as emerging viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. These recombinant antibodies represent unique “fingerprints” for each B-cell clone, and when characterized at both molecular and functional levels, provide knowledge on the humoral response to the pathogen to be utilized to design novel immunogens and vaccine strategies. Furthermore, immunotherapies based on potent, cross-neutralizing and poly-functional antibodies we intend to develop offer promising opportunities to treat and/or prevent human infections.

Candidate requirements:

Applicants should have a strong background in Human B-cell Biology, and Molecular Immunology around antibodies, be highly motivated to work in a competitive field, and be willing to tackle intellectual/technical challenges. Technical experience in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry is highly recommended. The candidate should speak English fluently.

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