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  • Listed with logo
  • 10 days on the front page
  • Online for up to 6 weeks
  • Included in the Newsletter regular posting
  • Once in 'Jobs you may have missed' section in the Newsletter
  • Included in the Custom Job Alert emails
  • Use of the Applicant Tracker ATS
  • Pre-Selection Questions

680 Euro (ex. VAT)


High Visibility Job

Ideal for high profile, senior or urgent recruitment
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  • Everything in Standard Job listing
  • Shown first in all job searches
  • Shown first on weekly job newsletters emails
  • Shown first on daily/weekly Job Alerts emails
  • Highlighted with coloured border and background
  • Included in a scrolling bar with your logo on front page
  • Included in Top Jobs box rotation on every page
  • Pre-Selection Questions

1020 Euro (ex. VAT)

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Why recruit with EuroScienceJobs?

EuroScienceJobs candidates have high-level skills that cross many scientific disciplines, and cover many specialist scientific areas.

EuroScienceJobs brings together these jobs to provide our users with a centralized site for well-educated professionals looking for international science jobs in Europe.

Through years of marketing and networking at industry relevant events, EuroScienceJobs attracted a niche audience of highly qualified candidates.

Our audience is highly qualified:

93% are willing to relocate

60% of users have PhDs and nearly 100% have master degrees.

Multilingual with English as the most common language

We have high reach and high frequency of contact:

25 000 (unique visitors) and 35 000 sessions (visits)

23 000 weekly general Newsletter

45 000 weekly Job Alerts with custom preferences

What our Clients Say

"After posting our ad for a post-doctoral position in EuroScienceJobs we received a very good response. The ad was seen over a thousand times and provided many interesting applications. I will use EuroScienceJobs again and recommend it to others."
Allon Weiner, Sorbonne University

’We received a good number of qualified applications for our Post Doc in Neuroscience position.  We will definitely consider EuroScienceJobs for our future recruiting, especially when reaching out to candidates in all of Europe
-Dr. Ramya Varatharajan, University of Luebeck

"When advertising a Scientific Project Manager on EuroScienceJobs, we were very happy and satisfied by the number of responses and quality of people applying.’’
 - Frederic Timmermans, ILSI - International Life Sciences Institute

’The client, University of Leeds, had 7 actual applications via for their Experienced Researcher in Molecular Andrology position, which is a little low but they were happy they had some, as other sites had produced none. The client was happy.''
- Leigh Press, Project Manager, TMP Worldwide

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