Postdoc in Cell Biology

Postdoc in Cell Biology

Aalborg University

Aalborg, Denmark

Job description

A Postdoc position is available to explore the enigmas of intracellular signal transduction with a focus on the calcium (Ca2+) feedback loop in IP3/Ca2+-signaling. IP3 stimulates the release of Ca2+ stored in the endoplasmic reticulum through IP3 receptors(IP3Rs). A critical aspect of Ca2+-signaling is the ability of Ca2+ to self-regulate by feedback mainly mediated by the Ca2+-binding protein calmodulin(CaM). When Ca2+ binds, the shape of CaM changes, enabling it to modulate the activity of the IP3Rs. Mutations in CaM cause deadly cardiac arrhythmias and neurological disorders, much like diseases caused by perturbations of the InsP3/Ca2+ signaling pathways. Despite the universality and intersection of these pathways, the mechanisms by which CaM regulates the IP3Rs remain unresolved. Moreover, whether altered IP3R regulation is involved in pathology due to mutations in CaM is entirely unknown.

In this postdoc position, you will address these unexplored avenues by biophysical and cellular approaches. You will take part in designing and implementing protocols to study the interaction between the IP3Rs and CaM and to unveil the underlying mechanism of modulation. The project is headed by Assistant Professor Malene Brohus and funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Qualification requirements:

Appointment as Postdoc presupposes scientific qualifications at PhD–level or similar scientific qualifications in cell biology or in a closely related field. The applicant must be experienced in mammalian cell culture and microscopy techniques with a documented track-record related to these competencies. Experience with calcium signaling and calcium imaging is considered a great advantage, as is experience with biochemical and biophysical methods.

The applicant must be highly motivated and able to work systematically and independently, using problem-solving skills and critical thinking, in an interdisciplinary research environment. Excellent oral and written English language skills are a requirement, as well as a cooperative personality and good communication skills. The research potential of each applicant will be emphasized in the overall assessment. Appointment as a Postdoc cannot exceed a period of four years in total at Aalborg University.

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