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EuroScienceJobs collects and displays jobs in the Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Maths and Physics fields, which are otherwise scattered on multiple websites which are normally hard to find. EuroScienceJobs provides this service to well-educated professionals looking for international science jobs in Europe.

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EuroScienceJobs is a more focused site, reaching a higher number of qualified people on a regular basis and quickly. 

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Our audience has many:

  • ambitious visitors looking for career opportunities for Research Scientist and Post-doctoral positions
  • users with university degrees in science, with more than 60% having a PhD in a particular scientific field.
  • Professionals that recommend EuroScienceJobs to friends and colleagues

Testimonials of Successful Recruitment using EuroScienceJobs

"When advertising a Scientific Project Manager on EuroScienceJobs, we were very happy and satisfied by the number of responses and quality of people applying.’’
 - Frederic Timmermans, ILSI - International Life Sciences Institute

’The client, University of Leeds, had 7 actual applications via EuroScienceJobs.com for their Experienced Researcher in Molecular Andrology position, which is a little low but they were happy they had some, as other sites had produced none. The client was happy.''
- Leigh Press, Project Manager, TMP Worldwide

“Having our postdoctoral research position posted on EuroScienceJobs was very useful and helped us get the quantity of qualified candidates necessary for filling the post.”
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich

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