Postdoctoral Candidate - Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis

Postdoctoral Candidate - Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

This research aims to advance the efficient and sustainable formation of C-N and C-O bonds. Transition-metal catalysts are recognized for their transformative impact on bond creation due to their versatility with a broad spectrum of substrates and tolerance for various functional groups. This project seeks to build on these advancements by developing alternatives that prioritize atom economy. Our strategy involves the conception, design, and implementation of adaptive transition-metal catalysts. These catalysts respond uniquely to changes in reaction conditions by modulating their reactivity and selectivity. This adaptability allows for the exploration of novel reaction pathways and enhances control over chemical bond activation processes. Developing such catalysts is crucial for addressing issues of resource efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The successful applicant will develop these transition-metal-based catalytic systems, utilizing light as a promoter to open divergent reaction pathways in small molecules relevant to energy research. The proposed reactions will involve the controlled transfer of an atom or group from a donor to an acceptor molecule, enabling the synthesis of new compounds with distinct properties.

Qualifications and personal qualities

  • A Master´s degree and a Ph.D. degree in synthetic molecular chemistry or a related field;
  • Strong foundation in organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on synthetic;
  • Proven scientific track record with first-author publications in reputable journals;
  • Experience in the handling air-sensitive and thermally labile organometallic compounds;
  • Experience in standard structural characterization techniques such as NMR, X-ray diffractometry, and mass spectrometry;
  • Experience with IR, UV-vis spectroscopy, GC, GC-MS, and photochemistry is an advantageous;
  • Excellent English-language proficiency (verbal and written);
  • Self-motivated personality with an independent, target-oriented, and systematic working style. A high degree of creativity, as well as excellent collaborative and interpersonal skills.

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