Postdoctoral Researcher in Materials Physics

Postdoctoral Researcher in Materials Physics

Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala University hereby declares a Postdoctoral researcher position, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, to be open for application. A successful applicant is expected to work in basic and applied research within materials physics. The candidate is expected to employ keV and MeV ion beams as both analytical tool and means for materials modification. One focus area will be the nuclear microprobe system for measurements of the chemical composition with high spatial resolution. Engagement in developing advanced data analysis is expected. Applied research conducted mainly for ultra-thin film systems of relevance in electronics, optics, for hard coatings and in related interdisciplinary projects can be part of the working duties. Taking over responsibilities in collaboration projects with industry is anticipated. Supervision of undergraduate and PhD-student projects can be part of the working duties. The work will be of primarily experimental character.


The project is focused on experimental studies to link structure and composition in complex material systems to their physical properties as well as macroscopic functionality using ion beams with keV and MeV energies. More specifically, this will include:

  • Experiments to measure structure and composition in complex material systems on the micro- and nanoscale and link it to their physical properties as well as macroscopic functionality;
  • Experiments to better understand the fundamental principles governing ion-solid interaction;
  • Synthesis and modification of material systems relevant for the studies named above;
  • Handling and development of large-scale instrumentation for non-destructive materials analysis, in particular using a nuclear microprobe system for high lateral resolution;
  • Handling and analysis of complex experimental data, evaluation and simulation with e.g. Monte-Carlo and Molecular Dynamics approaches.


PhD degree in physics or technology or a foreign degree equivalent to a PhD degree in physics or technology. The degree needs to be obtained by the time of the decision of employment. Those who have obtained a PhD degree three years prior to the application deadline are primarily considered for the employment. The starting point of the three-year frame period is the application deadline. Due to special circumstances, the degree may have been obtained earlier. The three-year period can be extended due to circumstances such as sick leave, parental leave, duties in labour unions, etc.

Experience using ion beams with keV or MeV ion energies in fundamental and applied research is required. Well-documented research experience using ion beams and handling ion beam instrumentation for material research, fundamental studies or materials modifications is expected.

It is expected that the successful candidate has the personal capabilities necessary to fully carry out the duties of the appointment.

Additional qualifications

Good knowledge of the interaction between ions and solids is considered an advantage.

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