Regulatory Officer – Supply Chain Communication, M/F AD 6

Regulatory Officer – Supply Chain Communication, M/F AD 6

ECHA - European Chemicals Agency

Helsinki, Finland


The Regulatory Officer – Supply Chain Communication will work in the Directorate for Prioritisation and Integration of the Agency, in the Exposure and Supply Chain Unit. S/he will work in close collaboration with industry and Member State stakeholders, and with the relevant internal teams in ECHA.

The Exposure and Supply Chain Unit is responsible for information on use and exposure of chemicals under ECHA’s Integrated Regulatory Strategy (IRS), and for improving tools/methods for supply chain communication on safe use. The Unit supports the prioritisation of groups of chemicals and provides expert advice to the related authority REACH regulatory processes, including evaluation, authorisation and restriction. In terms of industry supply chain communication, the Unit:

  • supports chemical safety assessment, via ECHA’s Chesar and exposure estimation models;
  • supports supply chain communication with tools and methods, in particular via actions arising from the Commission’s (second) review on the operation of REACH; and
  • aims to strengthen the knowledge base on exposure and risks of the use of substances in articles, including the waste stage.

The main tasks of the Regulatory Officer – Supply Chain Communication include:

Supply Chain Communication and Downstream Use

  • Prepare and be part of executing a multi-year programme to improve supply chain communication, in particular to downstream end users on how to use chemicals safely;
  • Develop guidance, formats, and methods, in collaboration with industry sectors and Member States, to assist the supply chain in transmitting REACH-based use and conditions of use information on substances into meaningful and accessible information for hazardous mixtures;
  • Lead and/or contribute to initiatives designed to improve/modernise the way REACH extended safety data sheets are communicated electronically along the supply chain;
  • Prepare with (industry and Member State) stakeholders interactive web-based and other material to improve ECHA’s communication and outreach to the downstream users and enhance their understanding on what REACH information brings to on-site risk assessments under other EU legislations.

Chemical Safety Assessment and Exposure Scenarios

  • Contribute to the further development of methods for risk-based safety assessment of chemicals, including the modelling of exposure, and the corresponding communication processes on patterns of use and conditions of use up and down the supply chains (see also Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios and the Commission REACH Review) and to the Member State authorities;
  • Lead and/or contribute to product development teams for improving the tools to communicate use and conditions of use information effectively in supply chains;
  • Develop guidance, support and tools for chemical safety assessment, exposure scenarios and supply chain communication, tailored to meet the needs of different actors in the supply chains of chemical products;
  • Identify, engage and cooperate with external projects on strategies to improve the interaction between REACH and other legislations (e.g. the Chemicals Agent Directive, the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive, product safety-related EU legislation, the Industrial Emission Directive, and waste legislation).


Successful completion of a full course of university studies attested by a degree, where the normal duration of university education is at least three (3) years.

Only qualifications issued by EU Member State authorities or EEA authorities and qualifications recognised as equivalent by the relevant EU or EEA Member State authorities will be accepted.


To qualify for this profile, you must have at the closing date for applications a total professional experience of at least three (3) years acquired after achieving the minimum requirements stated out in 2. At least one (1) year of your total professional experience must be relevant professional experience in the fields listed in section 1.


If you meet the eligibility criteria set out in section 2, you will be assessed on the basis of the following selection criteria. The candidates who are judged to be the most suitable on the basis of the selection criteria will be invited to an interview.

  • Your academic and professional qualifications and their relevance to the main areas of work listed in section 1;
  • Your professional experience in the range of fields covered, the type and level of work done and its relevance to the areas of work listed in section 1.

The following will be considered as assets:

  • Experience in project management in a related field with complex requirements, multiple expert disciplines and a wide range of stakeholders;
  • Work experience gained in a similar multicultural environment. Preference will be given to work experience abroad.


You can submit your application and find more information (complete vacancy notice and application form) on ECHA website

The deadline to fill in the application form is 3 June 2019 at noon 12:00, Helsinki time (11:00 a.m. CET).

Don't forget to mention EuroScienceJobs when applying.

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