Postdoctoral Researcher in Bio-NanoSciences

Aalto University

Helsinki, Finland


Your goal as a Postdoctoral Researcher will be to carry out research on a cross-disciplinary field bridging the gap over clean room based nanosciences and biorelated organic structure studies. Examples of possible research trends are to use organic bio-molecules combined with various photonic nanostructures, combine biomimetic compounds to functional nanosystems, develop materials and devices for bioimaging and biodiagnostic applications or synthesize organic entities for a particular microsensing purpose. We do not look for microfluidistics solutions. You'll get to conduct high quality research independently and to work as an active member of the research groups by taking part in project management duties and guiding M.Sc. and Doctoral students.


This research position will be jointly supported by five research groups (i.e. the Micro and Quantum Systems group, the Photonics group, the Nanoscience and Advanced Materials group, the Electron Physics Group, and the Optoelectronics group at the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering). All five research groups are located in the Micronova Nanofabrication Center, the largest academic clean room facility in the Nordics.

Professor Ilkka Tittonen leads the Micro and Quantum Systems group, which investigates quantum optics, nanofabrication methods, quantum theory on semiconductors, organic light-active molecules and thermoelectrics. Professor Zhipei Sun leads the Photonics group, which currently focuses on bringing various bio-functional molecules with different nanomaterials (e.g. carbon nanotubes, nanowires, 2D materials) for photonics and optoelectronic applications. Professor Harri Lipsanen leads the Nanoscience and Advanced Materials group, which studies the fabrication, processing and characterization of various nanomaterials (e.g. graphene and other 2D materials, plasmonic materials, thin functional films and compound semiconductor nanowires) for applications in nanoelectronics and photonics. Professor Hele Savin leads the Electron Physics Group, which focuses research on semiconductor materials and device physics with current emphasis on photovoltaic and imaging applications. Professor Markku Sopanen leads the Optoelectronics group, which focuses on epitaxial growth of optoelectronic devices, novel device structures and biomedical applications of metallic nanostructures.


  • PhD degree in biosciences, physics, nanosciences or material sciences is favorable for the position
  • Proven track record in major scientific research
  • Excellent knowledge of biophotonics or some other field that combines nanosciences and biology
  • Good command of English is necessary

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