Bioinformatician - GIGA Cell Imaging Platform

GIGA Research Centre - University of Liege

Liege, Belgium

A full-time expert in image analysis and quantification (Bioinformatician):

  • This expert/logistician should collaborate closely with biomedical researchers, in collaboration with the GIGA-Cell Imaging platform, for experimental planning: optimize their sample preparation procedures and their image acquisition protocols in order to minimize acquisition bias and artefacts and ease reproducible morphometric quantification;
  • Maximize the use of existing image quantification softwares (including FIJI, Imaris, Cytomine, Image J, …) by coordinating software installation, developing new adapted plug-ins, optimizing the configuration, maintenance;
  • Maximize the use of high-performance computing and mass storage equipment by developing software communication and user interfaces between imaging instruments (incl. whole-slide scanner, confocal microscopes, high content screening imaging system, lightsheet and epifluorescence microscopes managed by the Cell Imaging GIGA platform), computing infrastructure (grid computing and mass storage), and end-users (biomedical researchers and computer scientists developing algorithms);
  • Implement image format conversion tools to ease image storage and sharing;
  • Implement additional quantification software modules to answer specific biomedical questions;
  • Implement research results (new algorithms) into usable and efficient software modules;
  • Write protocols and documentation for end-users to describe quantification workflows, pipelines, platforms;
  • Organize training sessions on basic image analysis principles and software. Organize workshops on advanced topics to foster sharing of knowledge between biomedical experts and computer scientists;
  • Offer daily imaging data analysis consultation and services for users of the Cell imaging GIGA platform;
  • Act as an interface between biomedical researchers and computer scientist researchers;
  • Contribute to the submission of national/international research projects that involve biomedical image quantification.

The logistician should:

  • Have a Master or PhD degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Science or Applied Physics/Mathematics;
  • Have experience in image analysis/computer vision and/or machine learning/pattern recognition;
  • Have experience in software development and/or data management;
  • Have experience or strong interest in biomedical imaging and/or data management;
  • Experience with confocal or lightsheet microscopes is an asset;
  • Be creative, pragmatic, autonomous, and user and result oriented;
  • Have excellent interpersonal and collaborative skills to collaborate both with biomedical researchers and computer scientist researchers; English is mandatory, French is an asset;
  • The logistician will act as an interface between all groups. The logistician will have direct access and contact to the GIGA-Cell Imaging Platform (Dr. Sandra Ormenese) and the GIGAImmunohistochemistry platform (Dr. Chantal Humblet);
  • Experience with epifluorescence, confocal or lightsheet microscopes is an asset.

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